2013 Iron Butt SaddleSore 1000 To Hell And Back


The content below was collected by Micki Denton from prior posts on Facebook by Steve Diederich. Steve has not reviewed or approved these posts. The experiences described in these posts were Steve’s at the time he took the ride. Each rider’s experience is unique. These posts do not describe what is usual or likely for the ride described.

The Rules

Your ride needs to be completely documented and cover a minimum distance of 1,000 miles in 24 hours or less (SaddleSore 1000), or 1,500 miles in 36 hours or less (Bun Burner). In order to keep these rides from becoming a race, mileages in excess of 1,800 miles in less than 24 hours will not be published.

Please keep in mind, 24 hours is wall time, not riding time. So if you start your ride at 5:00 pm on June 1st, you must finish it before 5 pm on June 2nd.

The SaddleSore and Bun Burner do NOT require you to speed. The majority of riders will cover their 1,000 miles in about 18 to 20 hours (including all stops). For every hour you are on a major highway riding, you put approximately 20 minutes of “off” time in your time bank that can be used for resting. Use that time wisely as it does not come off the 24 hour clock!

The Ride

September 3, 2013  – 1,000 miles to Hell and Back – Who’s with me!

This Friday, September 6th, I am riding the motorcycle to Hell and Back! (Hell, Michigan 48169 from Syracuse, NY 13206)

– This is a Rain or Shine event; bring appropriate gear (for dryness & warmth).
– Just over 1,000 miles round-trip.
– ~17 hour round-trip ride.
– Leaving Valero gas station, 6325 Thompson Rd Syracuse NY 13206 (South of Carrier Circle) at 7:00 AM.
– ~523 miles/8-hours TO HELL; with 2 quick gas/receipt stops (~10 minutes each).
– ~30+ minutes in Hell (That’s enough!) – quick gas/receipt stop.
– ~523 miles/8-hours back; with 2 quick gas/receipt stops (~10 minutes each).
– This ride will be 100% in the U. S. of A. (not cutting the short-cut through Canada).
– Having an E-ZPass is highly recommended.
– You’ll need to be able to get at least 200-miles out of a single tank of gas on your bike
– Credit card for faster in/out gas purchases (Visa/MC, no AmEx!).
– Pack as much, if not all, water, food, snacks, whatnot on the bike that you’ll need for the day (minimizes time at gas stops).

This ride, being 1,000+ document-able miles in under 24-hours, qualifies for an Iron Butt Association SaddleSore 1000 ride; and will make you an Iron Butt Member (once you submit the needed documentation/paperwork/submission fee).

Call me crazy, but what else is the bike for? Lets Ride!

Let me know (AHEAD OF TIME!) if you want to join me on this ride. That way I can bring extra Iron Butt paperwork That You Will Need – and know to expect you.


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