2018 Iron Butt 40/40ths Certificate Ride

The experiences described in these posts were Steve or Micki’s at the time they took the ride. Each rider’s experience is unique. These posts do not describe what is usual or likely for the ride described.

2018 Iron Butt 40/40ths Certificate Ride

2 Wheels. 40,000 Documented Miles. 40 Days. That’s it. Simple enough. Ride, Sleep, Eat; Repeat. Oh.. and there will be fun. Gotta have fun.
I am “attempting” an Iron Butt 40/40ths. I say attempting because, to paraphrase a famous quote, If your ideas don’t scare you they’re not big enough. Well, this one is big enough.
The record right now is 31,000 miles ridden in 31 days by Senator Dave Zien set in 2005. I’m going to start, and at some point I am going to stop. …fingers-crossed…
-Steve Diederich

Rules for this ride (IBA 10/10ths): http://www.ironbutt.com/rides/1010.htm (Just multiply by 4!)

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Read through the whole event on Facebook HERE or peruse the Ride Report below…

Ride Report

March 30, Costa Mesa, CA – I think I’ve come up with a way to ride all these miles AND make money along the way to pay for all the gas! :p

April 3, Costa Mesa, CA – Earlier this year Robert Higdon wrote daily reports for his adventure of riding south. He is Always worth reading!  The reason I am bringing this up is to give credit where credit is due. Towards the end of the series he says, “…motorcyclists know what they’re doing: impossible, useless things.” That Stuck with me. And, made its way into the “A Mind-Bendingly, Impossibly Useless” phrase in the event cover image. Impossible, useless things. Yup, I’ve done some of those. And, even proud of most of them. 🙂
Robert Higdon’s Riding South Series – 2018

April 4, Costa Mesa, California – I have received a lot of encouragement, suggestions, routing/planning help, offers of on-the-road help, and more from many people; far too many to list here. One person who has helped tremendously, and her help will be dire for the next 40 days, is Micki. No One Else has had to endure me mumbling for nearly two-years about this ridiculously plan… Her: “Should we bake or grill the chicken.” Me: “You know, I think I could get away with just two tire changes.” Secretly she’s been wishing I’d forget the crazy idea, but.. nope. No luck there. I am lucky though. She’s 100% behind me and will be handling a lot of things, not only in my absence, but ride logistic things to keep me rolling, sleeping, and not having to remember so much (as my brain will-be-mush). I couldn’t do this without her. Xoxo Morning coffee set. Launch Time: 5:30 AM PST Good Night

April 5, Costa Mesa, CA – Morning! Seven years ago today, on my birthday then too, I rode off for my First cross-country motorcycle trip. A trip of a lifetime! I had a Wing back then too and figured it’s a touring bike, so it wants to go far. I had never done any IBA (Iron Butt Association) rides. Didn’t know what LD (Long Distance) riding was. Hell, my longest day riding was maybe ~300 miles. I spent four weeks riding from Central New York (where I lived at the time) visiting places and people down south and then west to California. Each day I enjoyed seeing how much further I could ride in a day. When it was time to leave Cali to ride back to New York I decided to beeline it home. While stopping for the night in Denver I decided to try this ‘Iron Butt’ thing I had heard of, and ride 1,000 miles the next day. Denver to (just past) Chicago. Phew ~ I Did It! (albeit without proper witness forms and documentation). That was it. I was HOOKED. I know knew what LD Riding was, and my bank account has never been the same.

Here I am today. My 52nd birthday. Another ride of a lifetime. Whereas I rode something over 8,500 miles on that five-week-birthday-trip years ago; I’m starring down 40,000 miles in 40 days this time. Things are certainly different.

April 5 (by Micki Denton) – Away he goes! #birthdayboy #mile1

April 5, Costa Mesa – My Start Receipt. The first of what will be over 170 receipts to document this Odyssey. Gassed-up. Kickstand-up. Only another 40,000 miles to go! Maybe 40,040 just to make sure I go over. My odometer registers more miles than actually traveled. 🙂

April 5, Primm, NV – The solar fields are hot today!

April 5, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – I had to stop for gas. pffftt

April 5, Chevron Cove Fort, Fillmore, UT – I didn’t come all this way just to turn around and go home! no..wait. I did

April 5 – Welp… He managed to miss another California earthquake. We were actually on the phone when my office building started rockin’ and rollin’!

April 5, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – ..hmm.. think I’ve been here before recently :p

April 5 – Vegas road construction :\\ No real way around either- Crap

April 5, Shell , Costa Mesa – Not bad. 1,000 miles in ~14 hours. Done for the day, and what a smooth day it was. Let’s do this again tomorrow! 🙂 I can’t believe I just said “just 40,000 miles”!!!!

April 5 (by Micki Denton) – Incoming! #dayonedone

April 6, Costa Mesa – “Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.” Morning No need for a ‘start receipt’ today; I’m still on the same ride. I’m rolling out East right from my garage; with the tanks full from last night. If today is as smooth as yesterday this should be relatively easy. Though, now I’m on day 2 and pain points will start announcing themselves. After three or four days my body should settle in. That’ll be nice

April 6 – Wardrobe Change. Get’n warmer out

April 6, 7-Eleven, Holtville, CA – Well, this was not my planned gas stop. New Problem: The Power wire to the switch housing that controls the relay for the Aux tank pump is not happy today.

April 6 (by Micki Denton) – Folks have been curious about the routes. These are the 6 fastest, most direct, 500 mile routes out of SoCal. As I’ve mentioned in comments, the distance ridden is calculated by your receipts. If there is a more direct route than the one you took, you will not get credit for the additional miles, so it is essential to get a receipt anytime you deviate for the most direct route. Stopping for a receipt adds time and Steve is on a tight schedule.
I’ve got LOADS more details — traffic matrices, weather matrices, road speed/condition data, gas stop location quality, etc. When you ask a native Californian, career data analyst, “What’s the best 500 mile route?”, you get a thorough answer. 😉 I’ll share more later…

April 6, Love’s Travel Center w/ Taco Bell, Gila Bend, AZ – No Love from the aux tank relay switch housing. Couple hours further into AZ, then I turn around ..and do the hokey-pokey

April 6, Love’s Truck Stop, Benson, AZ – Home, Moto!

April 6, Love’s Travel Center w/ Taco Bell, Gila Bend, AZ – Love’s is gonna have to make me customer of the month :p

April 6, El Cajon, California – It’s some more Gas, Gas, Gas!

April 6, Shell, Costa Mesa – Day 2: 1,000 miles in ~15 hours. Not as good as yesterday; but I’m dry. Weekend traffic tomorrow ..or there lack of. Buahaha

April 7, Costa Mesa, California – Day 3.. Lets Go!

April 7 – “Avoid overheating. Turn A/C off next 15 miles” lol …yeah. I wish sometimes!

April 7, Pilot Travel Center, Lake Havasu City, AZ – That stretch of I-40 was-a-breeze. And, looks like my attempt to fix the aux tank switch wiring last night was successful. Off the highway, Back on the highway: 8 minutes. They won’t all be that good :p On to (past) Flagstaff!

April 7, Chevron, Winslow, AZ – Getting gas on a corner…

April 7 – Something I never leave for a long ride without…

April 7, Pilot Travel Center, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Hot Town.. 99° !

April 7, Shell, Costa Mesa – High, high winds on that last leg. Ate a lot of fuel. Came in on fumes (bike carries 10.8 gallons ). Good day. I like this route, but have to cut out Flagstaff and beyond. 35 mile construction zone!

April 8, Costa Mesa, California – Morning. Today I’m riding north up Interstate 5 (and back) through the “Grapevine”. I’m not a fan of the Grapevine – notorious for 100 car pile-ups, fires, fog and snow. However, the bigger problem today is Sunday night traffic. Everyone who went away for the weekend wants back into LA/Orange County tonight ..and there’s only a few routes back-in, with SoCal flanked by a mountain range and the ocean. The worst route for today would be the I-15 Utah route through Vegas I took on day one… everyone returning from Vegas and the desert funnel through one pass into OC, it can take upwards of Eight Hours (regularly 4 hours) to get home from Vegas. ..not fun..

April 8 (by Micki Denton) – Here is the Weather Matrix (for 5 of 6 routes). This helps in planning on which route he’ll stay most dry, warm and still. Considering Yosemite National Park closed due to flooding yesterday, I opted not to send him up through central California. However, today is the day to go through LA (Saturdays & Sundays are best), but that’s the Traffic Matrix. 😉 I’ll share that later…

April 8, Chevron, Kettleman City – …brr…

April 8, Chevron, Willows – Weather is cooperating, and I’m feeling quite good. Time to turn around and put the bike away for the day.

April 8, Firebaugh, California – Simply Beautiful

April 8, Chevron, Kettleman City – Home, Moto!

April 8, Shell, Costa Mesa – Done for the day. That makes an SS4000 so far. Funny thing…
I got a receipt last night. Went home. Ate a warm meal. Took a shower. Went over things with Micki. Got a good nights rest. Then, woke up, rode 1,000+ miles, and got a quick ending receipt… and documented a California In-State SaddleSore1000, with minutes to spare, in the process. 😛 lol

April 9, Costa Mesa, California – It’s Monday… Back to the Grind! I seem to be a little more tired this morning, than the others. Maybe the post-spring break drivers drained me. I’ve never done so much passing on the right!

April 9, Shell, Barstow – “Corner”

April 9, California City, California – Now That’s Wind Power

April 9, Mojave Air & Space Port, Mojave – Anybody need a used airplane?

April 9, Valero Gas, Selma – All Good

April 9, 76, Elk Grove – Card Company called as soon as I was done pumping asking if this was me. hA! Time to roll back to Costa Mesa 🙂

April 9, Valero Gas, Selma – O o o oh

April 9 – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.. On long rides, proper hygiene is very important 😀
[VIDEO] -0:42

April 9, Barstow – Skip and a jump home. Not saying I have the energy to skip and jump. Just saying I’m close. Not close to skipping and jumping. Close to home.

April 9, Shell, Costa Mesa – Done for the day. Feeling good. Not about today’s route though. Tested it; Won’t be doing that one again. gn! 🙂

April 10, Costa Mesa, California – Morning ☀ Looks like a good day to ride! Rolling…

April 10, Loves Tire Care, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Made it to Arizona in good time. Going to do a few loops now on this 75 MPH, Construction-free section of I-40.

April 10, Ash Fork, Arizona – Now to loop back West

April 10, Loves Travel Stop, I-40 and Hwy 95, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Done with the first loop. Time to do it again. To have some fun, I’m going to attempt Facebook Live on the next gas stop; in about 110+ minutes.

April 10, Ash Fork, Arizona – Gas Stop [LIVE VIDEO]

April 10, Ash Fork, Arizona – [LIVE VIDEO]

April 10, Shell, Ash Fork, Arizona – 1.5 Loops. Finish this up, and then head back to SoCal.

April 10, Loves Travel Stop, I-40 and Hwy 95, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Card Declined. Wonder why? 😛 Good thing I have other cards. Hot out again, 97° Next stop: Costa Mesa 🙂

April 10, Shell, Costa Mesa – Another day, Another successful ride. gn 🙂

April 11, Costa Mesa – Morning ☀ Tomorrow I’m leaving for Moonshine and back (4 days, ~4,000 miles), so I’m doing a few things this morning, including taking care of the bike. The traffic window around is either leave before 6 or after 9. Kickstand Up at 9 AM.

April 11, Costa Mesa, California – Time to spin my wheels some more

April 11, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – Just made a new fan at the gas station ..I don’t think his wife was thrilled that he now wants a bike again :p

April 11, Pilot Travel Center, St. George, UT – Turning around. Short day today.

April 11, Chevron, Primm, NV – Very high winds. Terrible gas mileage :\

April 11, Shell, Costa Mesa – 7 Days, 7,000 Miles …and I haven’t gotten anywhere. I’m still in Costa Mesa! I’ll be actually not looping tomorrow for a change. gn 🙂

April 12, Costa Mesa –
4 Days
3 Hotels
4,000 Miles
Multiple States
Probable Cold & Rain
A Hamburger
Rolling to Moonshine!

April 12 (By Micki Denton) – Off to Moonshine!

April 12, Love’s Truckstop, Buckeye, AZ – I should buy stock in energy futures

April 12, Valero, Lordsburg, NM – Happy Windsday! From dusty Arizona/New Mexico

April 12, Van Horn, Texas – Oh, what do you know.. It was Windsday in Texas, too. Made more fans at this gas stop. I think the bike sticks out ..a little bit

April 12 – Today’s ride has been a Hot, Windy, Dust Stormy, Tumbleweedy kind of day. :p
[VIDEO] -0:25

April 12, Pilot Flying J, Big Spring, TX – Calling it a day. About 1,100 miles; little more than halfway to Moonshine 🙂

April 13, Big Spring, TX – Morning! Illinois Bound. Rolling…

April 13, Conoco, Oklahoma City, OK – Maximize fuel stops I say. Miss fuel exit I did. Settle for this place I had to. Good News: I haven’t been mugged yet. Also, I’m sure this gas is some of the best.

April 13, Kum & Go, Saint Robert, MO – Rain, rain go away. Or, at least rain harder; that’s not gonna get my bike washed for me!

April 13, Vandalia, Illinois – Got gas and got into the hotel before that thing caught up to me and Really started raining 🙂 gn

April 12, Scottsdale, AZ – Paul Pelland and I have teamed-up to rack up the miles together. Best part: No Traffic
The ball of death at Arizona bike week!
Seriously though, Check out what Paul is doing with all his riding!

April 14, Vandalia, Illinois – Off to Moonshine …to get a burger. And, hope to see some friends. I’ll be there about 9:30 AM; for about an hour. Rolling…

April 14, 14th Annual (& last) Moonshine Lunch Run, Moonshine, IL

April 14, Love’s Country Store, Greenup, IL – Moonshine was great. Saw a lot of smiling faces (Like you Joanna!). Burger was actually pretty good. Bike gassed up; and lights & mirrors cleaned. Rolling to Texas…

April 14, Kum & Go, Lebanon, MO – !!!Steve Diederich is at Conoco (5150 S 33rd West Ave, Tulsa, OK).

April 14, Tulsa, OK – Been ~45° and overcast since the last gas stop. Almost forgot what it’s like to ride in “Spring”.

April 14, Phillips 66 Gas, Weatherford, OK – Dark, Winds, 41° F and dropping.
Next stop: Hotel in Amarillo at ~11:45 PM. Which is good; cause the Hard Freeze Warnings don’t start till Midnight. Now wearing heated jacket liner, pant liner, and gloves. Everything is good.. except that burning plastic smell.

April 14, Phillips 66 Gas, Amarillo, TX – Got to the hotel; Warming up. It got Cold. Down to 37°. Truckers passing each other slowed me down. Though, the then diminished windchill, and the heat off their headlights, made up for that. I was concerned that the heated gear might not have been working right, but that can’t be since I clearly have heat marks spelling out Gerbing. The morning should improve. Not the temperature mind ya; it’s forecasted to still be low 30’s. They also forecasted the Sun to be out. That’ll be an improvement over other driver’s headlights. Don’t forget to tip your waitress. Thank you, Amarillo. Goodnight! Up before the dawn-

April 15, Amarillo, Texas – Morning ☀ Rolling to California…

April 15, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Sun, 60’s+, Ahhhhhhhh.

April 15, Parks, AZ – Closer to SoCal… 🙂

April 15, Needles, California – Last Stop before home. 261 miles / 3.5 hours to go.

April 15, Shell, Costa Mesa – That was one cold, wet, long ass ride for a burger. Won’t be doing that again! :p Late start tomorrow. Some things to take care of. gn 🌙

April 16, Costa Mesa, California – Late start today… still lagging from being on Moscow Standard Time. Dobroe utro, everyone! ☀ Rolling…

April 16, Love’s Travel Plaza , North Las Vegas, NV – Easy traffic today; barring construction in Vegas. Making good time 🙂

April 16, Texaco, Hurricane, UT – Turning around; Short’ish day. Back on track tomorrow. High Winds north of Vegas, again.

April 16, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – Bbbbaaaaddd winds coming back south. Looks like I burned 3 gallons going north ~100 miles, and burned 4 gallons to come back to the same station. 8-|

April 16, Shell, Costa Mesa – Done ..for the day. More wind, More cold (got down to 43° F).
I Really thought I was going to run out of gas on the freeway. High winds wreck fuel economy. Came in on vapors. Was mentally preparing to push the bike a few blocks. lol
gn 🌙

April 17, Costa Mesa, California – Morning ☀ Riding the “Ash Fork Yo-Yo” route today. Weather is looking on the chillier side, but no high wind warnings. I’m doing good. The bike is doing good. Rolling…

April 17, Costa Mesa (By Micki Denton) – Steve missed his window by a smidge today and had to endure traffic on his usually clear route, reverse to the traffic coming in from the IE (Inland Empire) to OC (Orange County) for work.
Timing your exit from and entry into OC or LA is essential; it’s the difference between going somewhere and going nowhere. I’ve had years of driving and learning SoCal’s varying traffic patterns and still got stuck heading to Vegas on a Friday afternoon 3 weeks ago (dumb), where it took 55 minutes to go 0.7 miles.
Below you’ll see a live shot of LA & OC traffic (7:45am), my google search for “57 freeway” (which he did not take, but traffic rerouting around its closure will impact his ride) and my custom traffic matrix that I made for Steve. The points listed are about 1.5-2.0 hours from home. The matrix shows how long it will take to get to that point from home (mornings) or home from that point (evenings). So far, it’s been pretty accurate, even when we wished it wasn’t.

April 17, Needles, California – Dan Crowley, I’m in Needles. Need anything?

April 17, Pilot Travel Center, Lake Havasu City, AZ – On to Ash Fork!

April 17, Shell, Ash Fork, AZ – and… now back to Lake Havasu City

April 17, Pilot Travel Center, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Gassed-up. Back to Ash Fork!

April 17, Shell, Ash Fork, AZ – Welp, whatda ya know.. back to Lake Havasu City now 🙂

April 18, Las Vegas, Nevada – Last we left our intrepid rider… Here are the last couple receipts for the day. In the afternoon, on my way to Lake Havasu City, the bike started making noises and vibrating the frame. I’d ride awhile, stop to try to figure it out, get back on the road with no noise, then it would come back. After many calls and much Googling, it appears there’s a problem with the Final Drive.
As the photo shows, I’m not home. I’m in Vegas (,Baby!). Where Moto will be dropped off at service in the morning and I will Thankfully jump on a borrowed Wing in order to keep riding while Moto gets fixed and receives new tires and oil. While I’m in Vegas, did you need anything Dan Crowley? gn 🌙

April 18, Quicky’s Convenience Center, Las Vegas, NV – Ok, shaking things up… Bike Change! Through the IBA community I am THANKFULLY continuing on with a borrowed bike; while mine is in the shop. This 2010 GL1800 Wing doesn’t have all my creature comfort accoutrements.. ie. No Aux Tank and only half bath, and no spa. But, it’s a Wing and I’m rolling again! Short day. I’ll head to Utah, then back home to SoCal for the evening.

April 18, St. George, Utah – With such a late start, it’s going to be a low mileage day. Heading back to SoCal to do some things, reset, and get an Early start tomorrow to put on some miles.

April 18, Nipton, California – Loaner bike is good. I’m good. Weather is good. Life is good. Hopefully, I’ve got enough gas to get to Costa Mesa. We’ll see how this bike guzzles.

April 18, Shell, Costa Mesa – Forgot to post this early… Back home safe & sound (well.. safe) in Costa Mesa with the loaner bike. All is good. Wrapping up the day. Up & Out early tomorrow! gn

April 18, Shell, Costa Mesa – That was fun.

April 19, Costa Mesa, California – Early to Rise, Early to Ride Morning! Rolling…

April 19, Chevron, Ludlow – So I’ve been wondering. Since this is a loaner bike.. What’s between ride responsibly and Ride Like You Stole It!?

April 19 – Shout Out to Jerry White who not only greeted me with a friendly smile at my final gas stop last night, but also bought the bike a tank of gas (California prices no less!). Thanks, Jerry! Now, if I could only lineup 150 more people to meet me at gas stops. :p

April 19, Pilot Travel Center, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Yo-yo part 1

April 19, Shell, Ash Fork, AZ – Winds are Baaaddd again. Fatiguing. Heading South now..

April 19, Arizona – Wardrobe Malfunction

April 19, Needles, California – Too windy East on I-40; and a construction zone where I lost ~25 minutes. Not Yo-Yo’ing there today. In Needles heading south to I-10.

April 19, Vidal, California – If only I had a ramp, and an Evel Knievel helmet

April 19, Mobil, Tonopah, AZ – Heading back West now

April 19, Chevron, Chiriaco Summit – Next stop: Costa Mesa

April 19, Shell, Costa Mesa – Good Day. Not as far ahead as I wanted. Oh well. Sleepy time. gn

April 20, Costa Mesa, California – Morning ☀ I’m going to Vegas! ‘Cause I’ve never been..yet ..this weekend. Rolling…

April 20, Newberry Springs, California – Today I’m going to loop twice between Barstow CA & Kingman AZ; Fast Interstate, Low traffic, Limited construction. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

April 20, Kingman, Arizona – More Gas (surprise)

April 20 – Update from the shop that has my broken bike: They’re finally getting to it. Will get Honda warranty approval today for rebuilding the broken Final Drive, parts in by ~Tue, bike done by Wed~Thu. :)) Plus, new oil & tires are done.

April 20, Newberry Springs, California – Stopped for more gas, but I think I may have left something in Kingman. I better go back.

April 20, Chevron, Kingman, AZ – Must be Mr/Mrs Baker owns a Chevron in Kingman. Hmm Guess where to next! :p

April 20, Newberry Springs, California – Gassed-up and ready for Vegas, Baby!

April 20, Newberry Springs, California – Am I in a Rally or something?!?! I swear I must have warped into someone’s rally…

April 20, Moapa Travel Plaza, Valley of Fire, Moapa, NV – I missed the exit for Vegas. I must’ve not seen the signs.

April 20, Las Vegas, Nevada – CA -> AZ -> CA -> AZ -> CA -> NV That’s enough fun for one day. gn 🌙

April 21, Las Vegas, NV – FYI- It’ll be a late start today. Getting tires & oil done. They open at 9 AM :\

April 21, Motorcycle Tire Center , Las Vegas, NV – Motorcycle Tire Center in Vegas on Charleston got me in, and back out, with new tires & oil in ~1.5 hours. Mel, the owner, has done a SaddleSore1000 and said to contact them ahead when I need tires next and they will get me rolling again ASAP. Nice Shop!

April 21, Las Vegas, Nevada – I’m an Upstate New York Boy, who lives in California, riding a bike from Illinois in Nevada. Think I’ll ride up to Colorado to check out the scenery. Why Not! Rolling…

April 21, Shell, Cedar City, UT – I cut my nails while waiting for the tires to be replaced (Bonus!). Now, I’m not afraid to take my gloves off.

April 21, Loves Travel Plaza, Salina, UT – In my head: “There’s an exit with gas. Hmm.. how far can I get till I’ll have to grab a station before I run out of gas between services………..Right. Back there.” 5 miles to the next exit and backtracking. Not terrible I’d consider changing what I’m riding again, but I think it needs new shoes. Maybe I can mount car shoes on it.

April 21, Loves Travel Plaza, Salina, UT – I’d consider changing what I’m riding again, but I think it needs new shoes. Maybe I can mount car shoes on it.

April 21, Fruita, Colorado –

April 21, Utah I-70 – Wow, just Wow

April 21, Salina, Utah – ~88 MPH, Low traffic, Beautiful weather :))

April 21, Texaco, St. George, UT – Yup. Gas

April 22, Las Vegas, Nevada – That was a long day. I think the new tires are broken in though 🙂 gn 🌙

April 22, Las Vegas, Nevada – Morning ☀ Time to go see what’s new on I-40. Rolling…

April 22, Newberry Springs, California – The 40 is So Much better than the 15 with its exodus of Vegas traffic today.

April 22, Kingman, Arizona – If only I burned fuel as efficiently as the bike does

April 22, Newberry Springs, California – They REALLY don’t like my main credit card here any longer. “See Cashier”, “Pay Inside”? pffft

April 22, High Sierra Oasis/ Route 66, San Bernardino – I have passed this in-the-middle-of-nowhere oasis a number of times and thought I’d give them a try as a turn-around point. Bad Choice. Never again; on purpose

April 22, Hesperia, California – Better, Cheaper gas. Time for the Cajon Pass :))

April 22, Costa Mesa, California – Back in CM! Early day tomorrow. gn 🌙

April 23, Costa Mesa, California – Morning 🌞
Bike is good.
Steve is good.

April 23 – UPDATE 4/23/18 Completed Days: 18 Miles to Date: 17,680

April 23, Nipton, California – “This is not the bike you’re looking for.” :p

April 23, Shell, Nipton – Pricey, but easy on ~ easy off; and I needed gas. Not much choosing out in the desert!

April 23, Shell, Nipton – Plus, this gas station has some ..ambiance. lol

April 23, Pilot Travel Center, St. George, UT – Beautiful day for a ride!

April 23, Eagles Landing/Flying J’s, Scipio, UT – Rode straight up I-15 today. Turning around now. Home before 10:00

April 23, St. George, Utah – Nice, Easy station

April 23, Shell, Nipton – Please keep your arms and legs on the bike at all times. Next scheduled stop: Costa Mesa

April 23, Shell, Costa Mesa – It was a Very nice day today. Tomorrow’s a special day. Can’t wait! 🙂 gn

April 24, Costa Mesa, California – Morning! Today I’m seeing 20/20 8)) Rolling…

April 24, California – I name cars. If they are driving poorly, erratically, fast, or negatively affect my path of travel a second time, I look at their license plate and figure out some code word(s) from the jumble of alphanumerics. ie. Today 7SLC*** became “The Slicer”. That way when I most likely encounter them again down the road I’m like.. Oh, Yeah. THAT car. Some drivers can be so predictable.

April 24, Shell, Nipton – First gas stop for the day

April 24, St. George, Utah – I bought more gas earlier …if anyone was wondering

April 24, Scipio, Utah – I turned around yesterday at this exit to head home. Not today. Need a few..more..miles 🙂

April 24, Shell, Mona, UT – You’ll never guess what I didn’t buy! Turning around. Be in Costa Mesa about 11:00.

April 24, Fillmore, Utah – Out of cheese, but not gas. All this gas is making the bike bloated

April 24, St. George, Utah –

April 24, Baker, California – Baking with gas in Baker ..90° ..at night

April 24, Shell, Costa Mesa – Day 20 done. ~20,058 documented miles done (uncertified). According to what I searched; I think I am only the 6th IBA rider to achieve this. Sweet! Let’s do All that ..again. Starting tomorrow ..late. I’m sleeping in. gn 🌙

April 25, Costa Mesa, California – Morning ☀ Day 21- Spent some quality time with Mic having breakfast together. 🙂 Also spent some time this morning gathering documentation for Honda Warranty that yes, I do maintain my bike. Now back to Riding!! Rolling…

April 25, Shell, Nipton – It’s a HOT one out here today. No wind or rain though 🙂

April 25, United States – Bike Update: Honda warranty dept FINALLY approved the replacement of the Final Drive assembly. Not just a rebuild; because parts had fused together. Honda dragged it out by first requiring photos of the failed parts. And then, insinuated scheduled maintenance wasn’t followed (Final Drive oil replacement every 24K miles). Requiring me to gather documentation this morning showing I bought oil and parts, receipts, have the tools and service manuals etc. Otherwise, they would not cover it.
Parts are being shipped overnight (at my expense). The shop should have them tomorrow; or Friday at the latest. Fingers-crossed to get my bike back by Friday afternoon. Looking forward to it!! :))

April 25, Texaco, Hurricane, UT – Short day; Turning around.

April 25, Nipton, California – This place is starting to grow on me. Like the moss in the garden urinal.

April 25, Costa Mesa, California – Day 21 is over, and you know what that means… For three-straight-weeks I have been eating a bag of Chez-Its every day. That’s a lot of cheesy snack crackers. Still got a ways to go, so Micki you better order more! gn 🌙

April 25 – UPDATE: 4/25/18 Completed Days: 21 Miles to Date: 20,885

April 26, Costa Mesa, California – Morning ☀ Rolling… 🙂

April 26, Costa Mesa, California – Day 22 of 40. Woke up this morning with Two Gold Wings (GL1800) in my garage. Neither of which are mine! I’m starting to think I could’ve attempted this ride without even owning a motorcycle. Lol Thank You Jerry White (left) and Thank You Michael Kneebone (right) for making sure I can-and-do keep rolling. 🙂

April 26, Shell, Nipton – What can I say that I haven’t said already

April 26, Texaco, Hurricane, UT – Anybody got suggestions for explaining all the fuel expenditures on the Corporate card?

April 26, Eagles Landing/Flying J’s, Scipio, UT – Good Times. Welp, heading home now. Gotta feed the fish

April 26, St. George, Utah – 97° in St George, UT …can’t wait till Baker, CA :\

April 26, Las Vegas, Nevada – You know what this means 😉

April 26, RideNow Powersports on Rancho, Las Vegas, NV – Bike Update: DONE! All Fixed. I have cup holders again! :p

April 26, Las Vegas, Nevada – Bike Change. Tanks full. Direct flight home. :))

April 26, Shell, Costa Mesa – Long Day, Got Way Late, but.. I’ve got my bike back, and we’re both happy about that; and Micki too. Late Start tomorrow; need sleep. gn 🌙

April 27 – UPDATE: 4/27/18 9AM Completed Days: 22 Miles to Date: 22,006

April 27, Costa Mesa, CA – Morning! (still morning here) I’m off to Utah.. and I’m not coming back 🙂 Rolling…

April 27, Mesquite, Nevada – Moto is sipping gas today. Nice!

April 27, Conoco, Meadow, UT – “Corner” receipt. Heading to Fruita for the night.

April 27, Fruita, Colorado – Made it to Fruita, Colorado. We’ll see what tomorrow brings with riding loops on the 80+ MPH roads up here 🙂 gn 🌙

April 28 – UPDATE: 4/28/18 7AM Completed Days: 23 Miles to Date: 22,825

April 28, Fruita, Colorado – Morning ☀ Time for some faster roads and no city traffic. Rolling…

April 28, Texaco, Fillmore, UT – Didn’t ask me for Zip, If I wanted a Car Wash, Play commercials, or Remind me to print my receipt for special offers. It also gave me a crappy receipt. Anyways.. Turning around; Back to Fruita!

April 28, Fruita, Colorado – Turning around, Heading back West again

April 28, Meadow, Utah – It’s a mystery to this day of whatever happened to all those missing cars in the Bur-Meadow Triangle
[VIDEO] -0:25

April 28, Salina, Utah – Back to Fruita ..again.. for the night

April 28, Fruita, Colorado – Made it back from Salina to Fruita for the Nighta 🌙

April 29, Fruita, Colorado – Morning ☀ Got my coffee. Rolling!

April 29, Conoco, Meadow, UT – Beautiful Day!

April 29, Pilot Travel Center, Grand Junction, CO – Met another rider at the station. Actually from California, too; Not far from Micki & I. Small World (try to get that out of your head now. lol)  Couple long legs done. Now for a third…

April 29, Salina, Utah – Time to turn around and do the hokey

April 29, Fruita, Colorado – Back in Fruita, but… it’s early and I need more miles. Back out for some night riding 🙂

April 29, Green River, Utah – QUICK turnaround

April 29, Fruita, Colorado – The first photo shows the gas I bought. The second photo shows the 25¢ worth of gas I had to buy in order to get a receipt from another pump. The first pump was out of paper (I believe it was out 24 hours ago, too) and the station store is closed. 😕 On a funnier note…
Micki says I’m at 24,923 miles for the past 25 days. If my goal was to circumnavigate the Earth(!), I’m over by 22 miles. 😉 🌏 gn 🌙

April 29 – UPDATE: 4/29/18 10PM Completed Days: 25 Miles to Date: 24,923

April 30, Fruita, Colorado – Morning ☀ Rolling home to Costa Mesa, the long way…

April 30, Beaver, Utah – Multiple 7,000-foot passes, 36°, Getting snowed on… Riding motorcycles is cool. Sometimes much cooler than others :p

April 30, Utah – Pretty chilly, snowy riding out of Salina this morning. Looking forward to the California deserts! ..or desserts

April 30, Chevron, Las Vegas, NV – Gas, and a quick side trip to the outskirts of Vegas

April 30 – I’m more than halfway riding home, Micki! I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I picked you out something real nice like…

April 30, Pilot Travel Center, Lake Havasu City, AZ – 50° temperature swing today. 36° this morn (and snow) near Salina, UT. 86° just now near Lake Havasu City, AZ. Gas Gods Willing… I’ll be home in four hours with no additional stops.

April 30, Shell, Costa Mesa – Good day today. Large swings in temps. I think today officially made it that I have been snowed on more than rained on during this ‘ride’. lol …so far. Big Day Tomorrow! Not riding related though 🙂 gn 🌙

April 30 – UPDATE: 4/30/18 10PM Completed Days: 26 Miles to Date: 26,029

May 1, Costa Mesa, California – Morning 🌞 It’s Micki’s Birthday! So a late start was called for. Everyone wish her a HB! 🙂 Rolling…

May 1 – I’m catching up to you Andrews! :p

May 1, Kingman, Arizona – Turning around at Kingman; there’s slow construction zones past here. I’ll loop somewhere on I-40 to build up more miles for the day.

May 1, Ludlow, California – Got a free bike wash 😛 Back to Kingman!

May 1, Kingman, Arizona – Turning ..again. Heading home 🙂

May 1, I-40 fwy – Could be worse. Could be Snowing :p

May 1, Costa Mesa – Here’s the couple last receipts. 12 miles short of my regular last gas stop I stopped for gas. Would not have made it. Good day for start’n late! 🙂 gn 🌙

May 1 – UPDATE: 5/1/18 11PM Completed Days: 27 Miles to Date: 26,979

May 2, Costa Mesa, California – Morning 🌞 Beginning of the month stuff handled. Rolling!

May 2 (By Micki Denton) – Officially 2/3rds done, he rolls away on a rare, rainy SoCal day.

May 2, Loves Tire Care, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Another bit-rainy day. So, officially now.. I’ve been rained on more than snowed on. As it should be! :p

May 2, Newberry Springs, California – More Gas and a Turn-around

May 2, Pilot Travel Center, Lake Havasu City, AZ – Quick Gas, and turning around to head back to Costa Mesa

May 2, California – Hey!
[VIDEO] -0:07

May 2, Shell, Costa Mesa – What a long short day. I’m beat (weather). Good thing I’ve got time to get plenty of sleep. May tomorrow be a short-feeling long day. gn 🌙

May 2 – UPDATE: 5/2/18 10PM Completed Days: 28 Miles to Date: 27,835

May 3, Costa Mesa, California, – Morning 🌞 Four weeks. Been riding for FOUR WEEKS. I can’t even wrap my own head around that. Today I’m going to push up over 29,000 miles for day 29. Then.. this weekend is going to be interesting 😉 Rolling…

May 3, I-40 fwy – Each time I transition in Barstow, CA from I-15N to I-40E (the beginning of I-40 in the West) I am taunted with This sign. Sounds like a two day challenge to me. Maybe another day. — at I-40 fwy.

May 3, Love’s, Kingman, AZ – Much Nicer riding day today :)) Turning Back West to loop…

May 3, California – Steve: Head to Toes
I’ve been wanting to post on how I’m doing, but been a little busy. After riding four-straight-weeks, it seems like it’s time.
I am doing really well. I attribute this to time, food, sleep, and fatigue management. Plus, this ain’t no Rally; so there’s a litany of fatiguing situations I do not have to endure. I set my pace and choose where & when to go. Most importantly, Micki has been doing anything and everything she can do, so that I don’t have to. I know for sure: I could not pull this off without her (and I wouldn’t want to).
Starting with the top… If you could see the top of my head you could guess what brand of helmet I wear. Not only is the skin molding to the shape of the liner; my buzzed haircut is growing back to that pattern, too. lol I really should post a photo.
After the first week of riding I did develop a rubbing/contact bruise on my forehead, but after using large bandages & time, that has healed and toughened up. Not a problem since then.
I avoid sunburns by using a good, strong sunscreen lotion on the parts of my face & neck that are exposed. The rest of me is always under cover. I also use lip balm on sunny days.
I’ve been wearing Pinlock ear plugs. They’ve been serving me well. Though, recently my ear canals are starting to get a tiny bit achy.
As any rider can guess, I have had acne here, there, and everywhere. Manageable though.
I’ve been having dry, cracking skin on my fingers lately. Attending to that.
For forty-years I have had a bad right knee. I use three bands of KT Tape on it regularly. It has been holding up. My good knee, the left, takes a bit more of the brunt; as I favor my right. So, it’s had some aches. I try to stretch both my legs and rest them in different positions on the bike.
I’ve been tracking my weight. It’s been staying in a 3 pound window right along. Handling a thousand pounds for a thousand miles each day certainly has helped burn calories and build muscle as I sit here each day. My upper torso has never looked so ripped. lol The Fountain of Youth: Ride a motorcycle ..far.
My brain has had moments. I knew from previous long rides that I go through all different emotions. No exceptions here. But, the end of the day is the end of the day. When I wake up in the morning I’ve reset and it’s a new day. It’s kept me going. That, and humor. Humor Helps!
Luckily, knock on plastic, I haven’t had any mishaps; ie. Bike drops, tripping, bumps, bruises, bangs, etc., that happen in life. Also, haven’t gotten sick or felt ill (been avoiding ocean cruises and buffets during this time). So, I haven’t had to deal with that AND riding.
In conclusion. If I complete this ride I will be the healthiest individual to ever elect to ride an IBA 40/40ths.

May 3, 76, Ludlow – Gassed back up and heading back East…

May 3, Love’s, Kingman, AZ – Already seen, See original –

May 3, Ludlow, California – Got more Gas. Now, I need more Miles! Heading East ..again-again

May 3, Needles, California – Tanks Full; Headed Home

May 3, Shell, Costa Mesa – Nice day! Nice miles! Definitely time for bed. gn 🌙

May 3 – UPDATE: 5/3/18 11PM Completed Days: 29 Miles to Date: 29,009

May 4, Costa Mesa, California – Morning ☀ It’s been a looong few weeks of riding; having ridden 29,000 miles in 29 days. All This.. to get me here:
My Big 3 Day Weekend 🙂
Fri: Finish a 30/30ths
Sat: Tie the record 31/31
Sun: Break the Record
Tires kicked. Fingers-crossed. Bike blessed. Salt thrown. Birthday wishes never spoken. Pennies found, And thrown in a fountain. Calendar cleared. Nothing but riding this weekend!

May 4, Kingman, Arizona – I gas among Kingman! Now, Back West…

May 4, Newberry Springs, California – I walk into the station store…
Me: Pump 2 is out of paper.
Clerk: Did you need a receipt?

May 4, Kingman, Arizona – 320 more miles to finish ‘Friday’. Home Moto!

May 4, Shell, Costa Mesa – 30/30ths… Done. Well, that only took thirty days. No wonder only four other riders have ever done this. What was I thinking? What were They thinking?! Now to rest for tomorrow’s goal. gn 🌙

May 4 – UPDATE: 5/4/18 11PM Completed Days: 30 Miles to Date: 30,020

May 5, Costa Mesa, California – ¡Buenos Días! 🌞 This Cinco de Mayo, I start the day with the Cinco de 30/30ths. By end of day, I hope to be one of 2 to complete 31K miles in 31 days. ¡Vámonos!

May 5, Moapa Travel Plaza, Valley of Fire, Moapa, NV – It’s a Hot one today!

May 5, Meadow, Utah – Gone North, Turning South

May 5, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – Gassed-up and headed to Costa Mesa

May 5, Shell, Costa Mesa – Dave Zien, Sir, I know how you were feeling on Day 31. My helmet is off to you. Thank you for setting the bar high. Tomorrow is another day.. and I ride again. gn 🌙

May 5 – UPDATE: 5/5/18 11PM Completed Days: 31 Miles to Date: 31,102

May 6, Costa Mesa, California – Morning ☀, 900 miles short of setting a new record. Here goes nothing. Rolling…

May 6 (By Micki Denton) – Rollin’ out on Day 32 (cameo by Jerry White)
[VIDEO] -0:27

May 6, Primm, Nevada – You do not want to head south out of Vegas anytime during the day on Sundays. This is the tail end of a multi-mile slow-rolling parking lot.
[VIDEO] -0:08

May 6, McDonald’s, Las Vegas, NV – Momma always said, among other things, you can’t break a record on an empty stomach!

May 6, Motorcycle Tire Center, Las Vegas, NV – I brought Michael Kneebone’s Wing here for tires & oil and had a great experience. So, I brought Moto in for tires & oil. Melvin, the Shop Manager, luckily got me right in. In-and-out in great time! Moto now has fresh oil and enough rubber to last till the end of the 40/40ths. 👍🏻🙂

May 6, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – Gassed-up and headed to Utah! 🙂

May 6, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – The things you see on the road. What a hoot to watch. I just Had To start recording after I heard people yelling Stop! Stop! Stop!

May 6, Parowan, Utah – Heading back south towards Costa Mesa 🙂

May 6, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – Less than 4 hours and 300 miles from completing my 32nd day. Woohoo!

May 6, Shell, Costa Mesa – Just finished 32,000 miles in 32 days …no one said ever …until now. Not sinking in yet. Eight more days to go though! gn 🌙

May 6 – UPDATE: 5/6/18 11PM Completed Days: 32 Miles to Date: 32,022

May 7, Costa Mesa, California – Morning 🌞 I am Well Rested. Going to be a short day today; ~800’ish miles. Slept in, And I want to get in early tonight in order to get rolling in the early morning hours tomorrow. Speaking of which… Rolling

May 7, Moapa Travel Plaza, Valley of Fire, Moapa, NV – Yup. Gas.

May 7, Mesquite, Nevada – Turning around for the day. Unfortunately, gas can be spread out in the mountainous Southwest. The next gas after this would get me home an hour later. 😕 Can’t be too late, have to get up early.

May 7, TA Truck Service, Barstow – Wasn’t gonna make it all the way home without some more of this

May 7 – That unfortunate moment when you realize you Should have gotten the extra insurance
[VIDEO] -0:13

May 7, Costa Mesa, California – Strangely the shorter days seem longer Early day tomorrow! gn 🌙

May 7 – UPDATE: 5/7/18 10PM Completed Days: 33 Miles to Date: 32,727

May 8, Costa Mesa, California – Morning 🌞 Heading to Utah and I-80 for the next three days. Faster roads.. Less traffic… Less Heat! Going to stay out of the 100°+ F temps the Southwest is having this week. Rolling…

May 8, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – They know me here!

May 8, Eagles Landing/Flying J’s, Scipio, UT – They don’t really know me here

May 8, Phillips 66 Gas, Salt Lake City, UT – They don’t know me here at all …but they’re gonna start wondering

May 8, Virgin River Gorge – Too Sexy for Virgin River Gorge?

May 8, Pilot Travel Center, Carlin, NV – Heading back to SLC for GAS and BED.

May 8, Phillips 66 Gas, Salt Lake City, UT – I-80 is pretty straight, fast, and relatively empty. We’ll see what tomorrow brings when I loop on it all day long. gn 🌙

May 8 – UPDATE: 5/8/18 11PM Completed Days: 34 Miles to Date: 33,914

May 9, Salt Lake City, Utah – Morning from Salt Lake City. 🌞 Rolling…

May 9, Chevron, Battle Mountain, NV – That may have been the easiest ~300 miles I’ve ridden all day

May 9 – I rode enough miles last month to win free tires. Imagine that! 😛

Do you know why this man is lying on the ground? We imagine it's because his butt is too sore to sit on. Steve…

Posted by REVER on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


May 9, Phillips 66 Gas, Salt Lake City, UT – Well.. they know me here now. Had to use a different card.
Now, let’s see if any of I-80 West changed since this morning 🙂

May 9, Maverik Adventure’s First Stop, Battle Mountain, NV – Leg 3 of 4 Done. Heading back East.

May 9 – Was rolling on that other side of the highway about an hour and a half ago. Hope everyone is ok. Glad I wasn’t caught up in that. :\
[VIDEO] -0:19

May 9, Phillips 66 Gas, Salt Lake City, UT – That was a Really Good Day! 🙂 Let’s see what tomorrow brings. gn 🌙

May 9 – UPDATE: 5/9/18 10PM Completed Days: 35 Miles to Date: 35,090

May 10, Salt Lake City, Utah – Morning 🌞 It’s a good day to ride! Rolling…

May 10 – Health Update: I’m good. Little more achy, tired than a week or two ago. My fingers are a wee bit stiff, and strangely both upper wrists have a patch of worn down hair. Also, I’ve got some gnarly callouses on my hands.
My ears are good, but after more than four weeks of inserting the Pinlock earplugs, my ear canals must’ve expanded a bit so that the earplugs go in well, but I need tweezers to get them out; my fingers no longer reach the pull-tabs.
My knees are a bit more ‘tired’. Wearing compression socks has worked wonders; though I’m starting to see some puffiness in my lower legs. Plus, all the high temps I’ve been riding in have been giving me heat rashes on the tops of my feet.
My mental attitude is… good. Heat & Tiredness never help with that. Almost to the Finish Line helps tremendously. Micki, of course, has been the biggest positive factor. She’s been there to support me every mile of the way.
There is a talk of me motoring on and doing a 50/50ths. Let me put those rumors to rest: Nope. Though, if someone left a gym bag filled with $10,000 in tire-tread-marked bills on our doorstep, I could reconsider. Of course, I would have to use the money to bribe Micki to let me keep going. 😉
All-in-all I am all good for finishing (did I just jinx myself?). It’ll be interesting to see if day 41 hits me like a wall.
Breathing & Rolling,

May 10, Shell, Valmy, NV – THAT was a fun gas station :p

May 10, Shell, Valmy, NV – May 10 – Note To Self: Don’t use Pump 3 in Valmy :p

May 10, TA Truck Stop, Tooele, UT – It feels like I just got gas

May 10, Chevron, Battle Mountain, NV – “Steve needs more _______ like he needs ____________.”
Any Charles Nelson Reilly’s out there?

May 10, Phillips 66 Gas, Salt Lake City, UT – Everything was great today… until I crossed back into Utah and rode through the salt flats. The Winds were WICKED. Was in an 80 zone, where I do 90, and was doing ~60 to keep it on the road. For a long time the bike was leaning heavily to the left; like I had it on it’s side stand – While going straight. Very tiring. All good now. gn 🌙

May 11, Salt Lake City, Utah – Morning 🌞 I was going to do another out-and-back 600 mile loop on I-80 today before I head back South to home in Costa Mesa, but parts of I-80 I rode on for the past three days are getting rain and Snow this morning; so.. Nope! 😛 Rolling South…

May 11 – UPDATE: 5/11/18 9AM Completed Days: 36 Miles to Date: 36,265

May 11, St. George, Utah – Gassed-up and continuing South. Oh, and I filled the tanks.

May 11 (By Micki Denton) – Mother Nature decided to mix it up today. Each of the usual routes has a Wind Advisory, some with gusts up to 60MPH possible (I’m looking at you Barstow). So… send calm/peaceful thoughts his way today.

May 11, Barstow, California – Happy W-i-n-d-s-day!

May 11, Needles, California – Still Windsday, but at least not Fryday 🙂

May 11, Newberry Springs, California – Gonna head back East and loop again; want some more miles for the day

May 11, Najah’s Hi Sahara Oasis, Essex – Not my fav gas stop; my least fav. But, when choices are slim to none…

May 11 – Had to go Receipt Chasing at the last windy gas station

May 11, Shell, Costa Mesa – Day 37… DONE. To give some insight; Throughout the riding day, or trip if I’m away from home (like this time), I make notes of things to do before the next riding day begins. Here’s the current list:
Charge up Apple Watch
Dump GoPro memory chipS
Trim nose hair
Lube pant buttons
Soak left mid finger in peroxide
Zip tie pen holder
Final Drive
Engine oil
Tire surfaces
The regular routing stuff Micki & I have down pat. If I don’t make notes for the odd stuff, I Will Not Remember Crap 😛
gn 🌙

May 11 – UPDATE: 5/11/18 11PM, Completed Days: 37 Miles to Date: 37,418

May 12, Costa Mesa, California – huh.. Facebook ate my morning post 😕 Anyways. 100+ miles in for the day. Rolling…

May 12, Costa Mesa, California – Morning 🌞 Are we there yet?! Rolling…

May 12, Love’s Travel Plaza, North Las Vegas, NV – Great weather today. Light traffic. Continuing North.

May 12, USA Gasoline, Cedar City, UT – Was going to head further North into Utah, but it’s raining up there; and I’m a fair-weather rider. I’ll add miles with a loop on I-40.

May 12, Chevron, Baker – The temp is actually nice in Baker today; 90°

May 12, Ludlow, California – On the downlow in Ludlow. Heading to SoCal.

May 12, Shell, Costa Mesa – Most nights lately as the bike carries me back to the barn, I think: I..have..to..do..this..again..tomorrow. More so some nights than others. Then, as I said before, I get rest, reset, and get up and do it again. Tonight isn’t any different. Tomorrow morning won’t be either. gn 🌙

May 12 – UPDATE: 5/12/18 11PM Completed Days: 38 Miles to Date: 38,400

May 13, Costa Mesa, California – Morning 🌞 So Close I can smell the ozone coming from the IBA’s laser printer. I couldn’t find the certificate fee online for this ride. Hope they don’t charge by the days/miles!

May 13 (By Micki Denton) – There he goes away, on his penultimate day!!

May 13, Shell, Newberry Springs – This station is FFFFF’k Up! Eight pumps. One is taped off. The one I first pulled up to has it’s computer display in a rebooting loop. The pump I ended up using was out of paper. And, I ended up helping a French couple with another pump and ended up just having them scoot their car around to my pump. When I went inside for my receipt I told the clerk, but he clearly couldn’t understand. “Pay inside”, he said. Anyways.. down the road I roll..

May 13 – Good Stuff! 🙂

May 13, Ash Fork, Arizona – Easy stop; turning around. Also, if you press enough of the black buttons on the sides of the display it’ll mute the annoying commercials 😉

May 13, Shell, Needles – Dan Crowley, I’ve stopped in Needles one last time. Are you sure you don’t need Anything? I’ve grown to like this place. The people are nice, and the Tire Guys are usually chill’n. This has been my favorite gas station.

May 13 – If my numbers are right… I’m at 39,000 miles, and have ~36 hours left to ride the final 1,000 miles. :)) What could go wrong ?? (comment below)

May 13, Seligman, Arizona – Bike Problem! I stopped for gas and discovered a problem with the bike. The right foot peg is worn through. I’m on the phone with roadside assistance now to get towed to the nearest Honda Dealer. Hopefully, when they open in the morning they’ll have the parts I need and can get me back on the road. This ride is all about my safety, and comfort. -Steve 😉

May 13, Seligman, Arizona – Gassed up and heading back to SoCal. No more playing on the 40 for me.

May 13, Newberry Springs, California – Never going back to that station! Seriously.. no need to

May 14, Shell, Costa Mesa – Wow. Day 39 Done, and only ~500 miles left to go. Day 39. Hurts my head. I have Really tried not to think about it. Lol gn 🌙

May 14 – UPDATE: 5/14/18 1AM Completed Days: 39 Miles to Date: 39,499

May 14, Costa Mesa, California – Morning – Day 40! 🌞 After forty days of wandering in the desert… today is the day. Just FIVE HUNDRED AND ONE miles more to accomplish an IBA 40/40ths. I’d say nothing can stop me ..but I’m not that stupid. Lol Departing around 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Going to Vegas and back!

May 14 (By Micki Denton) – Rollin’ the last day!

May 14, Las Vegas, NV (By Micki Denton) – Best Pizza on earth!

May 14, Pizza Rock, Las Vegas, NV – Wait, what???

May 14, Downtown Grand, Las Vegas, NV – Pizza, Gambling & a Special visit!!

May 14, Terrible Herbst, Searchlight, NV – Terrible Gas

May 14, Mohave Desert, San Bernardino – Just missed it.

May 14 – Goodnight Sun.

May 14 – You can’t make this stuff up ppl. #2

May 14, I40& I15 – Just finished the I-40 and the 40K (pending verification). 120mi to our final gas receipt!

May 15, Shell, Costa Mesa – Got busy last night after getting my End Receipt; hadn’t posted this yet. Done for the day. Done for the ride. DONE 🙂


May 15 – UPDATE: 5/15/18 5PM Completed Days: 40 Miles to Date: 40,115

Thanks to everyone for their support!

May 21, Costa Mesa, California – ONE WEEK LATER
Any desire to ride has not come back. No surprise there! Also, the bike needs Lots of love and attention. Soon enough I’ll have to take it apart, replace what needs replacing, and clean everything everywhere. The bike IS the dirtiest it-has-ever-been.
As for myself; My fingers hurt, but luckily only when I move them. They built-up some muscle; in just one position though. So, the first few days they kind of snapped when I flexed them.
My neck is dealing with the same odd-muscles situation, and with the freedom to achieve full mobility (no helmet and jacket getting in the way). Thats the thing it dislikes most. Its like being on crutches for six-weeks. If you don’t flex the joint fully it’ll stiffen-up.
Overall my body/bones/muscles ache a bit. Nothing that keeps me from doing anything. I realized shortly after returning to a normal life that my body did indeed build-up new muscles …but while sitting! So, standing and walking for the first few days my body was like, What? You want to do that too?! I felt ‘heavy’ while walking.
Home and work life has gotten back to normal. I’ve taken care of dozens of little things that got pushed off. Nothing forgotten (or at least I think so!). Back to the grind and home improvements. And, relaxing. Lots of patio time. 🙂
Lastly, Micki & I will be putting together some deeper information about the ride, stats, the bike, etc, etc. It’ll take some time to gather all that, so be sure to “Like” the CycleShit Page to get notices; https://www.facebook.com/CycleShit/
Thanks for Following Along. I Had A Great Time! Very Happy I completed my goal. And, really appreciated everyone’s help, comments, and input.
[VIDEO] -0:35

June 26, Costa Mesa, California – Forty days have passed since finishing the ride. Still mind-boggling if I think about it too deeply. Finally got paperwork submitted to the IBA for verification. And, Micki has put this fun infographic together. Something I probably shouldn’t admit to: After riding 40,000 miles in 40 days.. I only rode 13 miles in the 40 days after that; to the DMV and Dentist no less. Not the most fun destinations! lol

June 30, Costa Mesa, CA – We did an interview with Long Riders Radio. Justin was a great host. Fun!
“Steve and Micki tell us about everything that went into Steve riding 40,000 miles in 40 days.”

Listen here!

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    Congratulations Steve and Micki!. I really enjoyed reading through the blog and listening to your pod cast interview. Winds, rain, heat, where’s the gas . . . all familiar. Most enlightening to me were the comments at the end of the physical aftermath of readjusting to a non-riding lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your adventure, wit and wisdom.

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