2018 Iron Butt Why? Whynot! Certificate Ride

The experiences described in these posts were Steve or Micki’s at the time they took the ride. Each rider’s experience is unique. These posts do not describe what is usual or likely for the ride described.

2018 Iron Butt Why? Whynot! Certificate Ride

We successfully attempted an Iron Butt Association “Why? Whynot!” certificate motorcycle ride from Why, AZ to Whynot, MS ..roughly 1,575 miles in under 36 hours. Rules for this ride (IBA Why? Whynot!): www.ironbutt.com/themerides/whywhynot/

March 11, 9:07 am – Good Morning! We’re enroute to Why… because that’s our starting point!

March 11, 11:48 am, Why, AZ – We went to see Why, if only briefly. Now we begin our trip, Whynot?!


March 11, 1:57 pm – Next turn 471mi!

March 11, 4:12 pm, New Mexico – We’ve entered the Land of Enchantment, rainbows and all.

March 11, 4:57 pm, Petro Travel Truck Stop, Deming, NM – Receipt #2 – gas, coffee, warm layer and back on the road!

March 11, 6:54 pm, El Paso, TX – Receipt #3 – rain gear for Mic and to actually PLUG in the heated gear. (Works better that way). 

March 11, 6:58 pm, Texas – Texas – doing it bigger than NM. Why have one rainbow when you can have two.

March 11, 9:24 pm, Pecos, TX – Welp, we made the turn. On I-20 now and headed for our midpoint stop. We watched these glow on the horizon in almost every direction. Not the best pic. Big flame!

March 12, 9:10 am, Midland, TX – Day 2 Receipt 1 – Midland was a decent midpoint stop for a nights’s rest. Gassed up and on the road again!

March 12, 11:36 am – We just completed the windmill to windmill tour. ;p (CA & TX)

March 12, 12:53 pm, Pilot Travel Center, Weatherford, TX – Day 2 Receipt 2 – Gas, pit stop and maybe a little snack from Wendy’s. Oops, did I (Mic) pick a stop with a Wendy’s??

March 12, 1:42 pm, Dallas, TX – We ask not WHO shot J.R., but WHY??

March 12, 4:03 pm, Texas-Louisiana Border – We’ve crossed over! Hasta la vista TX. Hello Louisiana!! #wontbackdown

March 12, 5:43 pm, Arcadia, LA – Day 2 Receipt 3 – Gas, heated gear & coffee

March 12, 7:55 pm, Mississippi – Crossed the Mississippi River into the last state of our trek to Whynot. Cruising!

March 12, 10:22 pm – We’re done! Why? Whynot! In the bag.

March 16 – We received our certificate (with custom art) at the awards ceremony. Fun!

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