First Year Without a Car

My last car, and The Bike

I am Car-less. Have been now for 366 days (leap year) since I turned in my lease. As with most people, I’ve had a car my whole adult life; since I was 21. Now here I am, one year in and I am OK.

Downsizing from 4 wheels to 2 is a challenge, but having a large, touring motorcycle, with plenty of storage, helps of course. I work from home, am an empty nester, and it doesn’t hurt that I LOVE riding – Everywhere.

Fully adopting the 2 wheel lifestyle included moving across the country this past year by motorcycle. No packed car. No moving van. Just rode, and had twenty-one boxes shipped from New York to California.

As one would expect, I am free from the expenses and hassles of maintaining a car, but I’ve realized other benefits as well. I walk more places now, that I may have just jumped in a car to go to: Stores, Out to dinners, Movies, etc. For the times when two-wheels and/or two-seats is not enough: I’ve used Uber. Had groceries delivered to my door. Ordered larger items online. Or, worked out things with friends (who have cars).

Being car-less may not work for everyone, but fits my circumstances well. Being able to ride 365.25 days a year is a tremendous benefit. I’m not sure that I’ll be car-less forever, but it’s working for now, and I’m Liking It!

Cheers to the Two-Wheel life!