Steve Diederich
Truth Be Told: Steve never rode a motorcycle until 2006. Ever. When, on a thought (mid-life crisis?) he signed-up for the MTF Basic Riders Safety Course. He cut his teeth on his first bike – a used Suzuki Intruder VS800 cruiser. Within a couple years he moved on to a used Gold Wing GL1800 because it was better for going on trips (Storage!). After some major life changes and the realization the Gold Wing was built for Touring, he set out for a 5½ week once-in-a-lifetime (ha!) cross country trip in 2011 …on his 45th birthday. This sparked a desire for more riding, more efficiency, more endurance, more road. Fast forward to 2016, his third bike (another GL1800) and the record breaking completion of 5 consecutive US crossings in 10 days (IBA 250cccccc) and Steve is still pushing, planning & conniving to ride more. This insatiable riding appetite for all things long distance sparked the creation of, a forum to share and discuss. Welcome 🙂

Micki Denton
Jane of All Trades, Pepper Pots, The Maven Behind the Curtain, The Pillion

Micki grew up on & around motorcycles. Her parents tell a story of taking her overdue mom for a ride on the bike to bring on labor. Faded photos of yesteryear show toddler Mic sandwiched between Mom & Dad on the bike taking a lap around the block (ah… the 70’s). She spent her youth riding dirt bikes through the washes and abandoned roads at the Salton Sea. After pursuing a career and raising her kids, she’s back on a bike and enjoying every minute of it.

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