2018 Iron Butt 40/40ths Certificate Ride

The experiences described in these posts were Steve or Micki’s at the time they took the ride. Each rider’s experience is unique. These posts do not describe what is usual or likely for the ride described.

2018 Iron Butt 40/40ths Certificate Ride

2 Wheels. 40,000 Documented Miles. 40 Days. That’s it. Simple enough. Ride, Sleep, Eat; Repeat. Oh.. and there will be fun. Gotta have fun.

I am “attempting” an Iron Butt 40/40ths. I say attempting because, to paraphrase a famous quote, If your ideas don’t scare you they’re not big enough. Well, this one is big enough.

The record right now is 31,000 miles ridden in 31 days by Senator Dave Zien set in 2005. I’m going to start, and at some point I am going to stop. …fingers-crossed…

-Steve Diederich

Rules for this ride (IBA 10/10ths): http://www.ironbutt.com/rides/1010.htm  (Just multiply by 4!)

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