2018 Iron Butt 50cc Quest Certificate Ride

The experiences described in these posts were Steve or Micki’s at the time they took the ride. Each rider’s experience is unique. These posts do not describe what is usual or likely for the ride described.

2018 Iron Butt 50cc Quest Certificate Ride

We successfully attempted an Iron Butt Association 50cc Quest certificate motorcycle ride from Jacksonville, FL to Huntington Beach, CA ..roughly 2,400 miles in under 50 hours. Riding between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean going Coast to Coast. And, scooping-up a bit of water & sand at the start and finish.  This will be Micki’s 2nd 50cc and Steve’s 8th.

Rules for this ride (IBA 50cc Quest): http://www.ironbutt.com/themerides/50cc/

(All times in PDT)

March 18, 3:12 am, Jacksonville Beach, FL – On the road again!  Gas  Start Receipt  Atlantic Ocean Sand & Water

March 18, 4:45 am – Here’s the live video of us slogging in gear to get Atlantic Ocean sand & water. #amateurvideograghers

March 18, 5:25 am – Sunrise behind us…

March 18, 8:20 am, Love’s Truck Stop, DeFuniak Springs, FL – First gas stop! Gas, dogs n gators. (We didn’t eat any dogs, I was just impressed by the sheer volume.)

March 18, 8:47 am, Pensacola, FL – Highway in the sky….

March 18, 11:36 am, Circle K, Slidell, LA – Early stop for rain gear.

March 18, 12:10 pm – Traffic bypass courtesy of your trusty back seat navigator.

March 18, 4:33 pm, Louisana/Texas State Line – Jiminy Christmas Louisiana!! Rain, traffic, construction!!! You nearly broke our spirit… keepin’ on keepin’ on.

March 18, 6:03 pm, Exxon, Winnie, TX – Gas, bike maintenance and a burger from the most chaotic McD’s I’ve ever encountered. Back on the road. Spotwalla is a touch behind as the (now replaced) Spot battery died.

March 18, 8:02 pm, Engle, TX – 

Happiness is…
– looking up at the stars
– finding a bonus beef jerky stick in your pocket
– people who can read and understand the “Left lane for passing only” sign
– San Antonio being only 2-digit miles away

March 18, 10:20 pm, Kerrville, TX – Bed, after a Long day!!

March 19, 7:46 am, Kerrville, TX – Gassed Up and Rollin’!

March 19, 10:32 am, Bakersfield, TX – Gas, snacks. Not as close to home as our Bakersfield.

March 19, 2:23 pm, El Paso, TX – Just Paso-ed El Paso. #dadjokescoast2coast

March 19, 4:51 pm, New Mexico-Arizona State Line – 2 more states!

March 19, 5:57 pm, TA Truck Service, Wilcox, AZ – Gas and hoity-toity beverages.

March 19, 6:25 pm – Sunset in AZ

March 19, 9:18 pm, Tonopah, AZ – Stop for gas and alternate earplugs… it’s not an Iron Ear ride.

March 19, 10:27 pm, California/Arizona State Line – California here we come, right back where we started from..

March 20, 1:39 am – Video of scooping up sand & water from the Pacific Ocean!

March 20, 1:51 am, 7-11, Huntington Beach, CA – Done! 50cc – the slightly more inconvenient way. JAX to HB

March 20, 2:13 am – Home!! (Why we did the 50cc to HB)

March 20, 2:51 am – Start 3/18/18 6:12 Eastern -> End 3/20/18 1:51am Pacific = 46 hrs 39 min (if errors, math done at 3am)

2013 Iron Butt 50cc Quest & BBG

The content below was collected by Micki Denton from prior posts on Facebook by Steve Diederich. Steve has not reviewed or approved these posts. The experiences described in these posts were Steve’s at the time he took the ride. Each rider’s experience is unique. These posts do not describe what is usual or likely for the ride described.

The Rules

Iron Butt 50cc Quest – Your ride needs to be completely documented and cross the United States from coast to coast in 50 hours or less.

If your motorcycle is equipped with a large fuel-tank, please note that you must stop at least once every 300 miles for gas (this is purely for documentation for your ride). Although we know it is possible to ride greater distances non-stop, we will not accept a claim of this type.

Iron Butt Bun Burner Gold – The Bun Burner Gold is a motorcycle ride in which you must ride 1,500 miles in less than 24 hours.

Before you can apply for one of these rides, you must have completed at least one of these rides:
–SaddleSore 1000
–SaddleSore 2000
–Bun Burner 1500 (1,500 miles in less than 36 hours)
–any rally recognized by the IBA in which your mileage can be accurately verified as complying with the requirements of one of the rides above

The Ride

February 14, 2013 – Sunday March 17th, 2013 I will attempt the Iron Butt 50cc Quest. Coast-to-Coast in under 50 hours on the motorcycle. Can’t wait! :))

IBA 50cc Quest Certificate & Bun Burner Gold Certificate