CycleShit… WHY?

Why Not! After many rides, many adventures. Many stories, pictures, videos, gear, tweaks and farkles. Many “Why the hell am I doing this” moments. I really wanted one place to post & share everything I am doing related to Long Distance (LD) motorcycle endurance riding. I’ve eaten, consumed, gone back-n-forth, pushed myself so forward that I, even myself, am losing track of what I’ve done! There is so much opportunity to ride roads in this World for so many different reasons. And, all..tied..to..being on two wheels.

I like Doing, and I like Sharing. As many before me have thankfully shared with me, I’d like to make this my contribution to sharing all I’ve learned and done… and all I’ve not learned right the first time and quickly (hopefully) learned to not do again.

If you’ve ever wanted to go farther than you’ve gone before… Welcome.

Steve Diederich


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